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USP's Project Quality Review (US-PQRsm) services are a detailed examination of plans, progress, deliverables and components of the project, performed by a seasoned implementation director. The PQR is intended to be an early warning sign and suggest corrective actions quickly so that adjustments can be made timely and thereby contributing to project success. Recommendations are prescriptive, so as to be practicable and actionable. The core components of US-PQRsm services are:
  • Project Stakeholder Alignment  Assess stakeholder alignment with original project business drivers
  • Project Governance Assess effectiveness of the project's organization, structure and oversight
  • Project Administration Assess the day to day tracking and control of the project   
  • Project Performance Assess project's performance through an in-depth review of each major activity 
  • Team ViewpointOverall team perspective through an anonymous questionnaire